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Welcome to our practice

Welcome to Storrsdale Medical Centre

May I introduce you to the team

From doctors, nurses and reception

They truly are a dream


Dr Murugesh is the senior G.P.

In his suits he struts his stuff

Minor surgery amongst his expertise

There is nothing he finds too tough


Dr Bindu is like a tornado

Rushing around doing her daily toil

She is also a subject expert

The “go to” if you need the coil


Angela is the Advanced Nurse practitioner

She often takes all the strain

From letters, pathlinks and EPS

Whilst dealing with patients and their pain


Elsie is the new practice nurse

Currently undertaking intensive training

With child imms, diabetes and ailments sorted

Not long before it is plain sailing


Deepa is the practice manager

She keeps all the staff in check

Ensuring training and compliance in order

And the practice is not a wreck


Then of course the rest of the staff

And what a great group they are

Working close together

As a team they will go far


Emma scans and codes at speed

Barely taking time for a rest

Whilst Ronnie works on Insurance Forms

And she honestly does it the best.


Shannon is the new addition

Currently learning all the ropes

With Jan helping in the summer

Her parents have high hopes


Summer is the practice apprentice

She will learn the role from the best

The team are all supportive

She will be as productive as the rest


I hope you have enjoyed this ditty

As it now draws to an end

I am sure you will all agree

We are the best practice in the south end!

By Veronica Owens - Receptionist Storrsdale Medical Centre

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